Wien - Parken - Sonnenstudio

Sonnenstudio und Solarium Wien
Spraytanning Aktion im Solarium in Wien

3 Possibilities for Parking

1. Free on the street in district 1220   (ca. 2,5 km)

2. Shell Station near Praterstern         ( ca. 0,3 km)

3. Park & Ride


Parking on the street in 1020   this site in german

Inner districts in vienna in 1., 2,. 3., 4., 5., 6., 7., 8., 9., 15., and  district are short - parking - zones.
With a ticket you are allowed to park at most 2 hours.

Short-parking-zone - rules near apartment Heine

Monday to friday from 09:00 - 22:00 you need a parking ticket.

On holidays, saturdays and sundays you can leave your car near the apartment , also from  22:00 bis 09:00 over the night daily.

--->>> a place where you can park free on the street

Parking about . 2km from the apartment
(in the area of   Jungmaisstrasse in 1220 vienna):

From the underground station Kaisermühlen you are in a few minutes back in Wien Nord (Praterstern), from underground take exit Heinestrasse.

Parking  in  Garage Park and Ride in Vienna

Details you find in

P+R has parking places for 3 Euro / day.

Park + Ride U3 Erdberg 1030 Wien, Franzosengraben 2

 U3, 80B
with  U3 in 7 Minutes to Stephansplatz, and with U1 in 5 Minutes  to Praterstern.

Park + Ride U4/U6 Spittelau   1090 Wien, Spittelauer Lände

 U4, U6, S40,D, 35A, 37A
With  U4 in 5 Min. to Schwedenplatz, with  U1 in 5 Minutes to Praterstern.

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